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Die So Fluid - "Crime Scene"

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Die So Fluid - "Crime Scene"

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Band Bio:

What does a band sound like who in the same month they are the darlings of the Wave Gotik Treffen festival, they feature high up in the HMV metal chart and the Amazon post grunge chart, they are play listed and 'A' listed on American college radio, they litter the front cover of every alt rock magazine in Germany and they tour Europe with industrial/metal stalwarts Prong? Neither covering all bases nor falling between two stools, Die So Fluid rip out and display the raw soul that is at the common core of all these musical styles. Put simply - they rock. And in 2010 they will release probably the greatest rock record since Nirvana's Nevermind.

Does this sound like bullshit? Well I'm writing in a language I thought journalists could understand. Conversely I'm also telling the truth. 'The World Is Too Big For One Lifetime' , Die So Fluid's third studio Album is their first recorded in a traditional album session manner and consequently represents a big step forward in sound and performance. More than on previous albums the songs' themes are drawn under the title's umbrella whilst a perfect storm of genre defying rawk 'n' roll batters the canopy. The breadth goes from torch song 'Themis' to blowtorch song 'How Vampires kiss'. And the hooks are swifter than ever as in the single Mercury and pivotal album track Raven - already a live favorite.

Die So Fluid have existed for nearly a decade as outsiders and mavericks because they just do what the fuck they want. Judging by how the world has turned to them in the last year this is no longer a selfish strategy.

Who is who in the band:

Grog - Vocals & Bass
Mr Drew – Guitars
Al Fletcher - Drums

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